Friday, May 18, 2007

Rock in the morning

(I was going to write this in my other blog - one that's focused on my music stuff - but it was very slow. In fact, it didn't come up. The problem is connection on my end. I decided to write it here. Sorry for the out of flow.)

This morning I decided not to jog but sit down in front of computer instead. What a bum. I do have a reason (if you can call it a reason). I decided to play around with some music stuff. This and that, I ended up viewing Aerosmith DVD, "You Gotta Move".

I've got this Aerosmith DVD for quite a while and didn't have a chance to view it. I was too busy doing many things. So, this morning I decided to view it. Damn! It is great!

There are two things that make me excited with this DVD. First, the shows that were recorded were excellent. You can see the audience was excited and so am I! There are shows that just suck. You don't feel the energy. This one, you can feel the energy. It's like trying to explode. Man, I just want to have gig like that - with audience that gets crazy. Well, you know what I mean. I had this gig once that was like that. I could see the audience jumping around with me, pointing their fingers at me. (No, not that finger! ha ha ha.) Man, it felt great. Instant gratification!

Second, there are lots of background talks, images, sounds, about Aerosmith. No, it is not about the history of the band, but examples of how they practice and have fun. This is what I want to know and learn. This is a great DVD. I could see that I am playing it again and again.

I've been in many bands. Many times I didn't feel the energy. It's like the persons in the band are not having fun. It feels like they are forced to do it. Why? They are too tight. Too serious? I don't get it. Don't you want to have fun playing the music? Why doing it if you don't enjoy it?

Oh well. I am still searching ...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Concurrent Budi version 3.0

Here's a picture of me presenting ... myself; "Budi Rahardjo - version 3.0".

What's new in this version? Well, the main feature is an independent BR. He could be himself.

The other "feature" (or bugs), I think BR is more concurrent. He gets bored easily. Here's an example what BR does at one time:
  • Playing with music (here's playing with his new audio mixer)
  • Reading books on guitars. He's learning to play guitars and trying to understand the various gadgets. (The magazine shows one of his guitar heroes, Alex Liefson of Rush. Inside there's Rothery of Marillion and much more.)
  • Reading books on technology, science, business, biographies. (Here's the "iWoz" book, a book about Steve Wozniak.)
  • On the notebook screen is "chuck", a music programming language. He's just reading the document and has not started programming in it. Before that he was playing with audacity and jokosher using his GNU/Linux Ubuntu.
  • Playing around with Linux. His Ubuntu is having a problem. He might switch back to (the one and true) Debian.

So that's Budi Rahardjo version 3.0. Please report bugs to the appropriate channel.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cities to me

The meaning of some cities to me.
  • Yogyakarta, city that gives birth to me
  • Bandung, city that gives me life
  • Winnipeg, city that turns me into a grown up man
  • Jakarta, city that gives financial support to me

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cleaning up the mess

There are too many things (activities) that depend on me. So, when I am unavailable things go not as smooth as expected. Sometimes, they went haywire. Well, what can I do? I have to clean this mess. I am still responsible for these.

It's not that I want to control everything. On the contrary, I like delegating things to other people, but they are not up to the par. I know that sometimes they (the ones who are getting the tasks) are overwhelmed (by the things that they have to do). Yes, some of the tasks require hard work, smart work, persistent, and closed ears (and eyes?). That's what I did and do. Other tasks are perhaps too easy that they are ignored (or put off).

I've got to clone myself, but I've got to clean this mess first. Phew ...

Friday, May 11, 2007

OpenOffice 2.2 bugs?

I've been using OpenOffice 2.2 in my GNU/Linux Ubuntu 7.04. My impression is that it is so buggy.

Importing Power Point documents takes forever (well, close to 5 minutes). I thought it was a specific Power Point file and specific to my notebook, but I saw it also happened to a friend of mine (on a different notebook and with a different file). So, it is not an isolated problem. When I tried to save the particular PPT file to OO format, OO 2.2 crashed. Of course, when I tried to recover the file ... it took forever.

There was also an occasion where my OO session crashed and it tried to open Writer.

This problem didn't happend when I was using OO 2.0. Should I revert to the older version? Or, is there a cure for this problem?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Face and character

A few days ago I met a person for the first time. When we shake hand he said, "You are an entrepreneur, aren't you?" How did he know? Somebody must have told him. He said that he can see it in my eyes, my moustache, and beard. Ha ha ha. I think he's joking.

But, at another time and place, a person told me that I am perfect as a teacher just by looking at my face. He didn't even meet me. He just saw it in my picture. Huh? Is he serious?

Now, question is, "Can you really tell one's character just by looking at one's face, or even a picture of the person?"