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annoying facebook feature

I hate facebook uploading photo "feature".

First of all, if I want to update a phone in a certain folder, I have to open that folder first. The thing is, to open the folder means images of the folder must be shown. Granted, the images are smaller versions but they still take time to view. I cannot select the folder without having to go through this process.

After uploadin the photo, before it is being published, the list of photos is again displayed. Again, I have to wait until all the photos are shown. This is a pain if I have a folder with lots of pictures and I am uploading the photo one by one.

I guess this is my problem because I have a slow internet connection. This wouldn't be a problem if you have a fast internet connection. Oh well ...

Have not finished a book in a while

I was interviewed recently. One of the question was, what was the latest book that you have (finished?) reading. I startled. I just could not answer that question. Oh my God. I have not finished reading any book in quite a while.

In this current time frame, I just have too many things to do (mostly reading and writing) that I don't have time to read books. I love reading books. I really do, but what can I do? I am not trying to find lame excuses. It's just ... aaarrrggghhh ...


Our band, BandIT, is active again. Gigs are in waiting in line. It's time for us to practice again. Lots of hard work, but we enjoy doing it.

We play cover songs. What we want to play is classic and progressive rock, but sometimes we play pop songs as well. Just to make sure that the audience stay put :)

[taken from February 2010 practice - Garin is missing in the picture]


I guess I shouldn't complain that we've got rains every day. Usually, rain starts in this afternoon and it ends in the evening. Sometimes it goes until morning. Sometimes it feels too much.

What can I do? This is rainy season in Bandung, Indonesia. Embrace it ... Enjoy it ...

when you love what you're doing

One of my students asked me, why I still teach on time even though I have a hectic schedule. The answer is ... when you love what you're doing, you'll make up time to do it. I love teaching. That's it. It's very simple.

At one point in my life, I even taught classes without getting paid. Just because I love doing it.

So, there ...

ipad? not yet ...

For some reasons, I am not too excited with the development of ipad. Yeah, it must be a great product, but ... don't know.

One of my main concerns is battery lifetime. How long it would last for my regular usage? For example, I am already in the 2nd cycle charging my MacBook today. The same thing with my (old, first generation?) ipod. Its battery already died! oh well ...