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Stalin Sort

Once in a while, I found a funny and interesting thing related to coding. I love coding (and to code). So, when somebody forwarded this - Stalin Sort, I laughed so hard but at the same time was intrigue. (Here is the link: The main gist of this "Stalin Sort" is that if you found an element that does not met with the sort criteria, you send it "to Gulag". Ha ha ha. That is so funny. You just delete or drop the element. Just like what Stalin would do. Later, I checked the github codes. Lots of codes there. The first thing I do is to find Perl implementation. I love perl. There, I found exactly what I wanted to see, a beautiful implementation. No, not the one-liner but the more verbose one. I love to explain things. When I see code that "no need to explain", you know you find a good code. It's just like jokes. If you have to explain it, it's not a good joke. Few days ago, I just had to roll my own Python

Still Blogging

It's 2020 and I am still blogging. For many, blogging is a thing in the past. Not me.  This is because I am using blog as a place to challenge myself. To be creative. What do I mean by creative? Well, one of the biggest challenges in blogging is to come up with a topic and then write it beautifully. Okay, the last part is actually not easy, but for many people the first part - to find a topic - is already a challenge. They cannot pass that part. Without a topic, what would you write? Thus, the challenge is to come up with a topic. That is my challenge to myself. That is my training ground to be creative. And then writing it is again a creative exercise. Oh yeah, my main blog these days is not this, but the one in wordpress. It's In that blog, I write mainly in Bahasa Indonesia. You can check it out to see that I am still blogging. As for the English blog, I have started a new one in, but I think I should write in here. One of the reasons I shoul

Happy Ending Song

There are too many sad songs Not enough happy songs This was started to be a happy song but, ended up as a sad song Such a life There are too many hopes Not enough reality We started rough but, we'll end up happily ever after Such a life #BR2020

Data is really junk. Not oil!

Some people still believe that data is the new oil, while I still believe that data is junk. Right now I am cleaning my computers. Removing files that are not needed. Uploading photos to Google Photos and Flicker, while archiving those that are deemed not important. And this is time consuming. Really. Yes, even junk can be converted into money. But the effort is huge. I could upload my photos into Shutterstock, for example. Maybe somebody would pick up one of my photos and pay for it. But, this is just a long shot and the number of junk photos compared to the usable ones are just huge. So, this is just my ramblings on Sundays. Cleaning my " oil " ... er, junk!