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Rejected by AdSense

While updating this blog, I got notification that I should try to use AdSense. Ok, I said. Let's give it a try. It, then, gave me a form to register. I filled the form and waited for the confirmation email.

Email came in and said that my request was rejected. Oh well. The thing that I don't understand is that it seems Google AdSense thought that this is a new blog. Need more content, it said. Whoa. Seriously?

I guess I have to try again next time (don't know when).

Coffee Shops in Bandung

Last night, I was in a brand new coffee shop. This is just one of the newest coffee shops in Bandung. I can safely say that every month there is a new one in Bandung. (I could stretch it to every week.) Bandung is a coffee shop city.

Last night was the second time I went to this coffee shop. The first one, I went there a few days ago. It was weekday and not many people were there. I ordered a local coffee, Flores.

It was great. In fact, it was perfect.

Last night was different. It was Saturday night and it was packed with young people. I guess they found out that this is the place to be for this particular time. So everybody and their friends were there. (This is incorrect though. Neighboring coffee shops were also packed!) Food was a little late. They ran out of the Flores coffee. Ugh. So, I ordered whatever they have at that time. It came late. Yes, this is the down side of being popular. Fortunately, the coffee was good! So, it canceled whatever un-coordination that happened there.

Crossing The Midnight

I've been crossing the midnight too many times. Woke up before midnight and could not sleep afterwards. For many, this is requires special effort. For me, it's just the norm. So, this time it feels the same. Going to a brand new day.

Yes, this time there is a bonus; it is a new year too. So, happy new year.

It's dawn ...