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The fly ...

Which way to go

[taken on one fine morning in bandung, br - october 2010]

Will post more often, but ...

Here's the situation. I've been writing consitently(?) in my other blog (, neglecting this one. But, I feel that Imight post too much there. So, I am thinking of post what I could not post there in this blog. Not that the posts are not going to be good (read: junk), but too much of good thing is not good :)

Brace yourself ... here we go ...

Cloudy Bandung

It rains everyday in Bandung. Usually it rains afternoon for a couple hours. Sometimes it stops and starts again in the evening :( It causes flooding in certain part of Bandung. To be frankly, I don't know whether this is rainy or dry season. There's no pattern. I blame it on global warming.

[taken on a "clear" morning - br, october 2010]

Rise and shine ...

[a picture of a man working in his field on one early morning]