Saturday, March 15, 2008

Toto World Tour 2008 in Bandung, Indonesia

Actually I have written a more complete review (including lots of pictures) in my other blog, but unfortunately it's in Bahasa Indonesia. Just in case you're interested, head down to

In short ... it was a greaaat... show!

My nephew told me about the show around one month before the show. He's a Toto (more specifically Lukather) fan. I am a Toto fan also. I remembered during my undergrad school I had a band and in our first gig, we played "Hold The Line". Ha.

I bought two VIP tickets for me and my wife. It was Rp 200 thousands (or US$10) a piece. Very reasonable price! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A week before the day, a friend gave VVIP tickets to me. I took them and gave my tickets to a friend who came from Jakarta with his wife, just to see Toto. (Look guys, that's how popular you are.)

On the D-day I went to the venue with my wife. We were supposed to have special seats in the VVIP, in he Telkomsel (sponsor) section. But seats in that section were already taken (by bozos ... ha ha ha). The organizer appologized and tried to find other ways to no avail. Finally, one guy said, why don't let them go to the balcony. So up there we went. No chairs, but there were tables and lighting stuff. This, apparently, was a place for journalists to take pictures, videos, and such. The organizer kept appologizing for the place. I said, no need to appologize. I like it this way. I don't need chair. This is a rock concert! I loved it!

A few minutes later the show opened. This was great. We didn't have to wait.

They kicked it out with Gypsy Train. It was a slow start, in terms of crowd involvement. The crowd was polite. They gave applause from their chair. In the end everybody was flocking the front stage. That shows how great the show was!

Here are some pictures

More pictures taken from the show are available here:
I took the pictures with pocket camera. The quality is okay, considering it is a pocket camera. You can see the excitement of the crowds and the band!
Does anybody know Toto management? I'd like to contribute my pictures to them as a token of appreciation of their coming to my town. Let me know...

A note ...
You guys should come back to Bandung. You saw us - great bunch of crowds - right? If you want, I can personally take you on a city tour. I don't know how tough it is, given your popularity ... ha ha ha. Bandung is a nice city. Just drop me a note if you like this crazy idea.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Watching Cars Again

This is the n-th time I watch "cars" (the movie). Actually, I was just watching "cars" (and the making) in Disney Channel. It was fun. I think that was the second time I watched the same programme (the making of cars, or some sort). I still loved it. When you love something, things can be illogical. he he he.

The thing is, they (Pixar) is really searious when making movies. The jokes and moments are excellent. [Maybe I should give some examples. I'll do that later on.] They're really serious about it. At the end of the movie, where they're showing credit, you'll see lots of disney movies but modified for cars. For example, there's "toy car story" (which is a clip of "toy story"-like movie but the actors are ... cars). ha ha ha.

On top of that there are messages that inline with my views (on certain topics). They're kinda validating my views. ha ha ha.

Anyway, I've got to watch it again. ha ha ha.