Saturday, March 08, 2008

Watching Cars Again

This is the n-th time I watch "cars" (the movie). Actually, I was just watching "cars" (and the making) in Disney Channel. It was fun. I think that was the second time I watched the same programme (the making of cars, or some sort). I still loved it. When you love something, things can be illogical. he he he.

The thing is, they (Pixar) is really searious when making movies. The jokes and moments are excellent. [Maybe I should give some examples. I'll do that later on.] They're really serious about it. At the end of the movie, where they're showing credit, you'll see lots of disney movies but modified for cars. For example, there's "toy car story" (which is a clip of "toy story"-like movie but the actors are ... cars). ha ha ha.

On top of that there are messages that inline with my views (on certain topics). They're kinda validating my views. ha ha ha.

Anyway, I've got to watch it again. ha ha ha.

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Gandhi Anwar said...

whuaaah saya mah belum pernah nonton pak! jadi penasaran.. emang bagus dan lucu ya? Ho8x... Nonton ahhhh... :)