Monday, February 23, 2004

Just followed a link at Slashdot to an Enigma-e, an electronic kit of Enigma. It looks like a wonderful electronic kit. I've not played with soldering iron for quite a while, but was tempted to order the kit. The thing is, I am kinda worry ordering this kind of kits from outside Indonesia. I worry that it will get lost in the mail. Besides, shipping with FedEx might cost more than the kit itself. I just wish somebody's coming to Indonesia and bring the kit with him/her as a gift for me. Ha ha ha. Well, I said, "I wish", didn't I?

I am still searching for a nice community portal to setup for my students. I've used phpnuke a long time ago and am not satisfied with the security aspect of it. I've seen Postnuke but don't like the look and feel. I am too lazy to configure the theme myself. Anyway ... still searching.

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