Monday, July 26, 2004

Online Again (after travelling)

Finally, I am back online again. My family and I went for a trip to Saudi Arabia, Germany, Netherland, France, Belgium, and Switzerland for 17 days. During that trip I had difficulties in getting Internet and telecommunication access . I actually wanted to stay away from the online world so that I can enjoy the trip. I am going to write my trip notes when I have the time. Now I am still cleaning my (e)mailboxes.

One of the things that surprised me is that I had difficulties communicating with people. Most of the people I met could not speak English, even in Europe! In fact, Europe is the worst since in Saudi Arabia some people speak Bahasa Indonesia. (Well, they actually can only speak certain words and numbers but good enough to make transactions.) Most people I met in Europe speak their own language(s).

Anyway ... I have to make some presentations. This week I will be at NICE (National Internet Conference and Education) in Jakarta. Have a look at See you there.


Anwar Sanusi said...

how much money did you spend? :D
umroh program?

verryaryawan said...
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verryaryawan said...

Eh, Bud

lu ternyata orangnya cukup asik.