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Leonardo da Vinci

I can't remember when was the first time I heard the name Leonardo da Vinci. I think it was sometime around junior high-school when I heard the name Monalisa and Leonardo da Vinci. Ever since then, I am facinated with Leonardo da Vinci.

One of the things that amazes me is that this man is truly a genius. He is an artist, scientist, and engineer. On top of that, he is also a futurist. I always facinated with arts, science, and technology. Well, Leonard is the man who is able to combine all of them. I never had a chance to read his biography though.

Recently, I was just finished reading "The Da Vinci Code," by Dan Brown. It's an interesting book that sparks my interest in Leonardo. Apparently, he is also a cryptographer(?). (The novel is not about Leonardo himself, though.) So, I bought a VCD (video CD) of BBC/Discovery Channel programme on Leonardo: the most imaginative mind in human history. Interesting.

I googled the Internet to find more about Leonardo da Vinci. Found a lot of links. 1,190,000 links to be exact. Visited some of the top pages listed, but not quite happy with the information. Could anybody suggest the best pages about Leonardo da Vinci? (I would've asked for book, but it would be difficult for me to get it from here, Indonesia. Most merchants, including, do not accept orders with credit cards from Indonesia.)


enda said…
the most interesting fact (if it's true) about da vinci on brown's novel, IMO, is that he was gay :)
Anonymous said…

You seem to be so obsessed with this "gay" thing.
I read your old post in ITB mailing list, the one with signature "Tinky Winky is a gay".

This makes me wonder... Are you (actually) gay? Or, at least, having homosexual fantasy from time to time?

Well, I'm a gay software engineer (but I still disclose this status, except to some of my closest friends). Do you know how hard it is living with "attachment to men" while trying to get rid of it?

To Mr. Budi: Sorry pak, tapi saya gak tahan untuk comment ke saudara Enda ini.
Anonymous said…
I mean: _un_disclose (sorry, typo)
koen said…
lho mas, barengan aja kalau mau beli buku di amazon. saya 2-3 bulan sekali belanja ke sana, pakai indonesian credit card. lebih sering ke, tapi kadang ke juga.
maaf nih, adindamu ini udah lama nggak sowan. bukan bermaksud durhaka, tapi agak lama tersandera rezim ebitda. syukurlah sudah agak bebas sekarang.

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