Monday, May 01, 2006

Do you read book/blog entry more than once?

Do you read a particular book more than once?
If you do, what book?

I read books just once because I am afraid that I am wasting my time (by re-reading it again) and that I could spend the time on reading other books. I am sure I am wrong on this, but I just could not do that. (I am sure that I have read book[s] more than once, but I just could not recall it at this moment.)

Let me quote from Philip Gerard's "Writing a Book that makes a Difference":
One test of a book is whether it stands up to rereading.
It's not that books that I have read are not worth re-reading. It's just that I don't want to waste time. I have a stack of books (that's an understatement) that is waiting for me. Read me, please, they plead.

We can extend this to blog. Do you read a particular entry of a blog more than once? Which one?

I keep a list of URL on, browsers bookmarks, and even I created a special tag on my email mailboxes (so that I could grep-it later on). But, I never do that. I hardly re-read blogs (or even emails). I am collecting junk for no reason. That's beside the point. Is there a blog worth re-reading?

What do you think?

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Sirait said...

My news reader has tag feature. Data, study, and research article go into DATA tag. I need them to build my argument about something. I collect article/entry that worth talking about. It goes to TELLFRIEND tag. I love this tag. I need this when I hang out with my friends. essay, inspiring article go to TOTHINK tag. Those three are my favorite tags.

please consider my tags if you want me to re-read your entry. :)

Anonymous said...

Do I read a book more than once? I'd say 99% of the time no. Even though you didn't ask, I watch some movies more than once ... and for some good ones, my wife would watch over-and-over again.

How about a blog? Blog contents evolve over time, so comparing book and blog is like apple and orange. Yes, I do subscribe to some blogs ... and this leads to a question to you Pak Budi ... why don't you provide a feed subscription to this blog? Thanks.

budi said...

To "anonymous", yes you are right that book probably is closer to movie. I do watch several movies many times.

As to feed subscription of this blog, there is one, but you might want to check Planet GBT instead. It is a agregat of my blogs. (I've got too many of them.) It's in:
It is provided by Priyadi.

donald latumahina said...

I think some books really worth rereading. That's because those books contain so many values that I cannot grasp wholly by reading them just once. Furthermore, I once read that generally people forget 70% of the information they receive within 24 hours.

Of course, in most cases I won't reread the books word by word. Simply scanning the books through the important points can trigger my memory back to life and sometimes also gives me new perspectives.

Anonymous said...

my favourite books :
- the magic of thinking big by David Schwartz.
- Your best life now by Joel Osteen.

Yogi said...

The answer is yes...for certain topics i used to read blog entries more than once...

Anonymous said...

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