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Truce Among Operating Systems

Lautan Komputer / Truce among OS
In various mailing lists I've seen debate - no, war - among operating system lovers. They defend their OS religiously. It's really a war.

I love operating systems. In fact, I used to be an OS maniac, obsessed with OS. Whenever a new OS came out, I had to try it. One OS that made an impression to me was Oberon. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to tinker anymore. The latest OS that I played with was GNU/Hurd. Now, I am just a plain OS user. That is why I want to have a truce among operating systems. Can we do that?

If you see in my picture, there are different operating systems. From left to right: Microsoft Windows (not really shown because a web was shown instead), Mac OS X (on an iBook G4), and GNU/Linux Debian. Yes, I use all of those OSs on daily basis.


Antony Pranata said…
It's not only in the PC world, now we have a war in mobile operating systems too (for smartphones/PDAs).
There are at least three competing OS these days: Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Linux. Inside Symbian OS itself, there is a war between two different platforms: S60 (from Nokia) and UIQ (from Sony Ericsson). Oh no.... :(
Emansa said…
I like to use some OS too. In my computer I have XP OS, Win 2003 and Mandrake. Someday I hope to try MacOS because need extra money to buy it. Perhaps with Intel platform MacOS will be low price...
adinoto said…
did u try BeOS once? :D

it's roooooooooock :D
*beos fans
Wisnu Hendra said…
i got 3 OS too..
Windows, FreeBSD, gentoo GNU/Linux..
but the difference is i just only have a PC for those OS :(
teddy said…
not only on pc, even on mobile phone, pda, the war of the OS is also exist there. I used to play a lot with different OS before, but not lately, because dont really have time to do that anymore:(
adit said…

where do u use DOS too pak budi ? :)

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