Sunday, January 14, 2007

Take The Long Way Home

Last Friday afternoon was a great one for me. I finished marking all my student papers. I just have to signed the grade forms, which I did that afternoon. There was a lunch and informal meeting attended by many faculty lecturers. I didn't take notice of what being said. Hey, I was there just for the food and a little chat with some people. Three students were looking for me. Two of them wanted recommendation letters from me and another student (Architecture student!) wanted to discuss about tech bulidings.

After that I decided to go to a music store. As I drove the car to the store, I noticed that I took the long way there. (It sounds like Supertramp's song, "take the long way home".) I chose longer streets but less traffic. I didn't mind. In fact, I kind of enjoyed the ride.

I went to the music store, looked at some guitars, basses, amplifiers, mixers, and stuff. While I was looking at some guitars, a person came to me. He said, "You're Budi, right?" Yes, I said trying to remember his name. I knew him from my high school years. I said "Faiz palsu"? He laughed. His face was similar to Fariz RM, a famous musician during our time. Now, I remembered his name; Heru Perkusi. The word "perkusi" was added because that's what he's expert in, percussion.

I remembered during high school, we played experimental music together. I played drums and he played percussions. He is still playin percussions right now. In fact, that's his job. Wow! Good stuff. He's still doing that since high school. That's more than 25 years ago!!! When I told him that I could not play drums anymore, he went blank. Yep. I can't! During my high school years, I took a drum lesson, brought with me drum sticks all the time (so I could practice anytime). Since I don't practice anymore, I lost that ability. I am surpirsed that it went that way. I thought it was like riding bicycle, you have it all the time. I guess I wasn't good at it to begin with. (Which is strange, since I did played band with some guys during my high school years).

We talked about music - we did splicing some cassette tapes back then, for a high-school opera of some sort, it was a tedious job since we had to do it manually, not like these days with computers - and decided to keep each other phone numbers. We might have some collaborations of some sort. We'll see.

I went home and still took the long way home. I am always busy, so having a free time like that was luxurious for me. I enjoyed every bit of it... Ahhh

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