Monday, February 19, 2007

Debian at AOSS 8 Bali

Last week I had a chance to participate at the 8th Asia Open Source Software Symposium in Bali. I am just a participant in that event.

Me and Niibe Yutaka

In this event I met with Niibe Yutaka, a Debian developer from Japan. (He's on the left in the picture.) Well, since I am a Debian user, we had a chat. A day earlier, I was wearing Debian T-shirt and somebody thought that I am from Debian. Whoa.

On a different note, he said that he contributed to the japanese (version? extension?) of emacs as his "night job." Ha ha ha. I told him that I am a "vi" user. Ha ha ha. We are from different "editor religion."

[For those who are not familiar with the joke, here's a little brief story. Most old UNIX users had two camps of editor: vi and emacs. We joke to each other. Nowadays, there are better[?] editors, but I still use vi. Even on my MS Windows computer, I use vi (or vim, to be exact). It's just a habbit.]

Niibe asked me why there's no Debian developer in Indonesia. Good question. I don't know. For me, I don't even have a chance to tinker around with low level software or operating system.

Last time I played with operating system was GNU/Hurd. It was interesting at that time since it was so limited (the biggest partition size you could get is 2 GB!), but now GNU/Hurd is much better. There's still not many people are interested in it though. I guess it's because Linux is more widely available. To me, Linux is already mature. It's not fun anymore :) ha ha ha. But GNU/Hurd is more fun since you can experiment with things (and it will crash)... ha ha ha. It's fun. It's just a matter of time that GNU/Hurd is becoming more popular.

The symposium was mostly high level discussion. So, I just sat there and listened to various speakers from different countries. Sorry no summary. It should be on a web site, somewhere...


Arief said...

Waw... How come I don't know that there's a Debian event in Indonesia. Hiks...

Anyway, I've long been thinking to be a DD also, but really haven't got a time to spare. It's still on the "this year" TODO list.. :-(

On GNU/Hurd, last time I checked, they're not making a nice progress. The Hurd-Mach versions seems to be getting better, though. But the Hurd/L4 is suspended and the developers will re-think about the architecture.

zul amri said...

Long live debian...!!!

adinoto said...

Check out for real fun :P, BeOS is back :D

Linux is no more fun for me. Too time consuming, and for home I'll settle with OS X. For deployment, I would consider OpenBSD anywhere I can.

budi said...

Arief, it was not a Debian event per se. It was an open source event. We (debian users) were just happened to be there.

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