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Indonesian blog readers and this blog

When I started this blog, there were not that many Indonesians writing blogs. (By the way, I am not considered as part of first generation Indonesian bloggers. Maybe second generation?) I didn't know how many Indonesians were interested in blogs. So, I decided to write my blog in English.

Since there were not that many Indonesian blogs, this blog even considered to be one of the top 10 blogs in Indonesia by Tempo magazine. (I didn't know that until somebody pointed out that to me. I didn't subscribe to that magazine.)

Time has changed.

Now, there are many (too many?) Indonesians writing dan reading blogs. Since then I have created many (this time I am sure ... too many) blogs. I have more than a dozen blogs. Most of them are written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Sure enough, my Indonesian blog(s) - particularly - has more visitors compared to this blog. (I don't have an exact statistic for this blog. The statistics feature is what I like about As of this writing, at least I've got 500 visitors per day and counting. When I write a new entry, usually I have more than 1000 visitors per day. Quite a large number for me. This creates more insentive for me to write even more and that attracts more visitors. A positive cycle is created.

As a result, I rarely post to this blog. If I want to write in English, I usually write in my other blog ( I wanted to write more, but I've got only 24 hours/day and too many things to do. Also, in many occassions, access to this blog is slow. By the time I have a decent access, the idea and mood are gone already.

The other thing is I noticed that readers of this blog is mostly non-Indonesians. I suspect Indonesian readers usualy go to my Indonesian blogs. That would mean I have to write with different perspective now. That shouldn't be a problem for me, right? (Wrong!)


ephi said…
Pak Budi, you started on January 2002.

At that time there are already a handful of Indonesian blogger, but I am afraid, there were none that was as focus as yours. Well, probably Firdha was.

My oldest blog entries was around May the same year, and I know a lot of Indonesian girls abroad that owns at least one blog. Popular service at that time was

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