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Time, Distance and Everything in Between

In another blog, I wrote my obsession with time.

I wanted to write a similar thing about distance. Nothing came up so far.

And "everything in between"? Well, is there anything in between time and distance? I am not so sure. They are different kind of animals. They are not comparable, aren't they?

But, there could be a relation between time and distance. As time passes, distance can grow or shrink. Distance can be a function of time. It's a complicated higher-level function for sure, but it's still a function of time. Let's see if it works the other way around; time as a function of distance. Mathematically it's possible, but what does it mean?

I am just mumbling. Think harder!


Wahyu Wijanarko said…
Itulah karena terpisah antara ruang dan waktu, heheheheeh :D
Anonymous said…
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JaF said…
"...Does anybody really know what time it is
Does anybody really care
If so I cant imagine why
Weve all got time enough to die

Ikut2an mumbling hehehe.. :)

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