Monday, June 16, 2008

Popularity of Futsal

In Indonesia, futsal (I don't know the definition - a small indoor soccer game?) is sooo populer. Everywhere you see, there's futsal being played. Futsal courts(?) are always booked. I guess, if you want to invest, there's the place to do it.

Is this just in Indonesia? Or is futsal a world trend these days? How about in your area?

[a picture of our INDO CISC team]

Right now, I cannot play futsal because of an injury from previous match (in a local league). I was the goal keeper and somehow feet landed into my right body (ribs). Ouch! Grrr. I cannot play now. I hate it! I want to play again as soon as possible. Let's see if I am able to play next week. I already missed one game.


kang bedjo said...

If you got injured .. then next watch you should play well.

eko said...

halo bung rahardjo. gua eko dari makara futsal club (amatir) di jakarta. gimana perkembangan futsal di bandung? pastinya tidak kalah pesat dibanding futsal di jakarta kan?

boleh dong sekali-sekali kirim tulisan ke blog gua tentang futsal di bandung, terutama informasi dan foto-foto mengenai lapangan yang tersedia (tapi gak ada fee ya, hehehe...)

Senuf said...

Futsal comes from "fútbol de salón" (in spanish). It's not exactly a translation but can be rendered as "indoor football" if you wish. In south america it's fútbol (football), not soccer, and the same can be said for most (if not all) of europe. North Americans call it "soccer" because they chose to name "football" a sport which, as far as I could see, is played mostly with the hands and just a little with the feet.

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