Friday, May 22, 2009

American Idol 2009 Finale

I watch American Idol and enjoying the show. Most of the time. So, I watched the 2009 Finale.

I was surprised with the finale. It was excellent. The thing that surprises me is the guests. I could not believe they were able to bring many stars, such as Black Eyed Peas, Cindy Lauper, Keith Urban, Lionel Ritchie, Rod Stewart, Santana, Kiss, and ... Queen! Whoaaa...

I love rock music. A long time ago I even went to a Kiss concert, when I was in Canada. ha ha ha. So, I loved it when Adam Lambert sang with Kiss. When he started singing "Beth", I said to myself; are they going to bring Kiss? Sure enough, the answer is yes! I could imagine Adam singing with Kiss, though. If it's not Kiss, I'd say Aerosmith would be a good choice for Adam.

In my opinion, Danny Gokey has the best vocal. Adam Lamber has the best performance. He is a star. And Kris Allen has the most commercial pop vocal today. My son said that these days people like Jason Mraz and the like. So Kris Allen was lucky that the people who voted (I guess, mostly teenagers, girls) liked him better. I do enjoy Kris's performance with Keith Urban (singing Kiss a girl). By looking at that performance, I understand why he's the winner. Girls would love that.

Anyway, I love that finale show. It was a great show. Congrats to all of you there.

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cgthecodegirl said...

too bad i have never have time to watch american idol :(