Monday, July 20, 2009

Problem with Firefox @ Mac

I am having a problem with Firefox on Mac OS X (on a Macbook). I was using Firefox 3.0* (forgot the exact version). Then for some reasons, the windows was displayed off the screen.

For example, if I press "apple ," there is no configuration window. The screen was just clean. If I press F9 (expose), the screen appeared. So, I know it is there. But, when I tried to get into it the screen went clean again and the configuration window dissapeared (as if it moved to the top left - off the screen).

I decided to download Firefox 3.5 and wrote over on top of the previous version. The problem was still there. Then, I removed Firefox from Application folder. Reinstalled Firefox. It seemed to work. But ... this morning the problem was there again. I removed again and reinstalled Firefox. It is working (so far).

Has anybody experienced a similar problem?

Update: if I close the lid of my MacBook while Firefox is running and open the lid again, the window appears!

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