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What happened to Formula 1?

I have not watched Formula 1 closely for a year (or two?) and was surprised to hear that there was a scandal. I was in Singapore and heard it on the news. The incident happened in Singapore last year! Whoa ...

So, now, I am searching the internet for more information about this. If I understood correctly, Nelson Piquet was asked to crash his car so that Alonso would win. The thing is, I didn't know the situation. Why would Alonso win? So what if the safety car was out? What was his position at that time? Could somebody direct me to a more detailed article elaborating the situation?

[A Ferari display on Orchard stree. I took this picture before taking an F1 simulator test drive, a game acutally. Ranked far below the best driver :) ]


kartmag said…
As in any other sport, group of interest are formed, so not all races are fair. Still, I don't see why anyone would cheat on purpose to lose...
Anonymous said…
hope this helps:

alonso just refuelled slightly before the crash. the other drivers had to delay their refuelling:
"That meant that when race officials sent out the safety car to clear up the debris from Piquet's car, Alonso was alone among the front-runners in not having to stop for fuel and tyres."

budi said…
thanks anon. understood.
budi said…
thanks anon. understood.

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