Saturday, November 14, 2009

Backup Mac: Time Machine or ...

Let me start by confesing that I rarely backup my Macbook. That said, I occasionally use Time Machine to backup my Macbook to an external disk using USB. This morning it failed because the disk is full. There's only 33.2 GB left on the disk, while my Mac needs 93.1 GB.

Last month I bought a 1TB disk. It's a WD Mybook. It came with a nifty backup software. I actually don't use that software. I use the disk as a normal disk and just copy files and folders that I need to backup to that disk. It is a tedious task. Now, it got me thinking, which backup strategy should I use?
  1. Backup with Time Machine
  2. Backup with software that came with my Mybook
  3. Just copy files and folders that need to be backed up


iang said...

rdiff-backup? the old hacker way to backup =D it supports incremental backup just like what Time Machine does. Another good thing is the backup folder still can be opened normally without using any special software. It has no nifty user interface/integration like what Time Machine has but it does its job pretty well.

What I don't like about Time Machine is it backups the whole system, something that will only make my backup disk full faster.

Brett said...

I just copy folders.