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There will be times when we have differences (in opinions, ways to do things, etc.). It is sad if those differences can break relationships and friendships.

The most important thing is that we don't have bad or malicious intention toward each other or do things that make the other parties ill feel.

Folks, I hope we can have long lasting relationship and friendship.


kaos couple said…
yeah.. that a good opinion..
yosendascope said…
yes, recently i had a thought that breaking is a tragedy, but that thought didn't help at all. sometimes you need to choose different path in order to release a sort of 'natural tension' inside you, just to make a new inner-balance. and in this 'cocooning situation', nobody helps except you. this new thought helps me to see that we can choose breaking merely as a temporary moment. i choose to believe that we will meet again in another path or crossroad. it's just as normal as relationship between planets. (anyway, do you think it's too long and too ... weird 'hi' for a start ? ;-))

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