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Understanding Indonesian (cyber) Needs

I know that all markets are different, but Indonesian cyber market is quite unique. People outside Indonesia don't know that Indonesia is the biggest market of BlackBerry products. Or that we rank #3 in the number Facebook users. The most important thing is why?

I believe the answer to this question is related to our culture. For example, we tend to talk not to write. When people have minutes of meeting in writing, we don't have one :) [no, I am not joking.] Perhaps, we are more youtube than wikipedia.

Our lives are mostly entertainment, not a learning one. If Westerners get a bigger bandwidth, they will think of distance learning. But for us it is time for karaoke online or online games or online chat :)

Do you know the main driver of BlackBerry success in Indonesia? It's because of women and facebook. That was the main, original, driver. Many Indonesian women bought Blackberry to chat with their friends through Facebook. And when I say, chat, it is really really intense. The next reason was ... reunion. Facebook is the driver of many reunions in Indonesia. Reunions with your university / college fellows, high school buddies, even elementary school reunions. And, there are numerous social problems related to this.

To understand all of this, you have to do research in Indonesia. You have to be here to understand it. No other way. Unfortunately, there is no research center for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and the like in Indonesia. I've been telling them to open a small research center here, but they are not listening.

Oh well. Watch this ...
BlackBerry is going to loose their market in Indonesia. Millions (cellphone users) are switching to Android. (And yes, the number is millions!)


King Tirto said…
Our needs are basically the same as any other country. There are several reasons that in my humble opinion is also hindering the progress of ICT in Indonesia, namely:

1. Lack of good infrastructure (fiber optics networks)
2. Availability and Affordability
3. Lack of government initiatives to roll-out NBN (National Broadband Networks)

In the 21st century, broadband (infrastructure) availability and affordability is key to the success of surviving the global economy competitions. Make it more available and affordable to the people.

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