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Is Wireless@SG still working?

Next week, I will be travelling to Singapore. One of the things I found out in my previous trips was difficulty in getting WiFi access. It is strage, since in Bandung or Jakarta I can find WiFi access easier.

In Singapore, I usually try to use Wireless@SG first. It usually doesn't work. For example, in SimLim, there is a wireless@SG signal but once you're connected there's no route to anything else. As if it is on but nobody manages it. So, I usually switch to whatever wireless services available (which normally I have to pay). And, sometimes, it is so expensive (especially in hotels).

Now, yesterday I got a "spam" in my mailbox (I think it's from iCell) telling me that Wireless@SG is being upgraded. Is it? Is it better? Or, even, is it working?


Have a nice study... i dont know when i can sit like on your class.. :)

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