Sunday, January 01, 2012

Facebook's Timeline Bug (2012)

First day of 2012. I tried to post photos, status, etc. on my facebook. They don't show up in my timeline. It shows up in main page ( though, but it will be pushed by new updates/status. Does anybody know what's going on?

I don't like this timeline, but what can I do? There's no option for old facebook view. Too bad.

(App designers, read this ... give users option to stay with old look and feel.)


Fadhil said...

Fesbuk Temlen juga memudahkan kerja pra stalker pak, hehehe. tidak sedikit juga kawan saya yang komplen tentang temlen ini. moga 2 bisa ada opsi kembali ke yang lama

boolabundar said...

tampilannya kurang menarik semenjak ada timeline di fb...harusnya dibuat dalam bentuk tab biar rapi dikit...

MD101LL/A User said...

Got this problem too.

Actually found your post while I am searching for a solution to switch the old Facebook.

Timeline sucks big time in my opinion.