Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tweet: quantity or quality?

I have a hypothesis: if you tweet a lot, you get more followers.

Granted there has to be some kind of guidelines on what you tweet to attract followers. You would tweet something that you would think it's useful, at least to you. You wouldn't tweet something that you don't even want to read. Having that, I think quantity will attract more followers.

I have tested this in my blog. I have a blog that is considered popular, meaning it is in top 10 of Indonesian blogs. (Not this blog, but my other blog. The one you are currently reading is in top 100, though.) When I write more articles, I got a lot of visitors. I know this from the statistic page of wordpress. When I write less article, less visitors.

I thought if I write good articles, but less in number, I would attract more or the same number of visitors. It turned out, not. I got more visitors when I write lots of (so-so) articles. Thus, more attracts more.

Maybe, it is not the quantity, but the update is the important factor. That is, if you update regularly, people will visit or follow. This may be the case. So, if you tweet regularly, you'll attract more followers.

I am going to test my hypothesis with twitter, but I have to plan it first.

Well, I have started already. I set an account for this ...  @buditweet We'll see how it goes ... How long would it take to take over my old account (if it does).

Ready, set, go!


Nurul Inayah said...

betul itu pak. kadag walaupun artikelnya hanya 1 paragraf tapi bermanfaat bisa mendatangkan visitor juga. mungkin kalau sudah jadi orang sangat terkenal baru akan memajang artikel panjang lebar (tapi ya sepet juga sih dipandangya).

boleh tanya? kenapa yang wordpress berbahasa iNdonesia dan yang Blogspot berbahasa ingris? padahal sama isinya...

Hanggar PS said...

huut i'll wait the result

unsnews said...


Dwijayasblog said...

You don't have to have guidelines to tweet something. I think it's ridiculous if there is one. Just tweet it and let the others put their point of view.

Asuransi Prudential said...

lebih enak lagi klo tweetnya banyak dan berkualitas. terutama tweet potongan headline news (dot) com. nice share :)

budi said...

current result indicates that the popularity of twitter depends on the person. not on what s/he says. so it's just a popularity contest.