Sunday, April 29, 2012

Progress sensation in reading e-book

Long time ago I asked a friend, what is missing living in a country without four seasons. She said that the sense of progress is what's missing. I guess the same feeling is missing when I am reading an e-book.

Reading an e-book I don't have a sense of how many pages left to read. I know that there is an indicator of the number pages in most e-books reader. There's even a percentage indicator. But, I don't get the sensation.

When reading a conventional, physical book, I put a bookmark. Looking at the bookmark I get the sense of how much more I have to read. Sometimes I flip the pages just to get the sense. I know I can calculate based on current page and the number of pages in the book, but it just don't work.

Maybe this is because I came from an analog world?

Anyway, it would be interesting if somebody can create that kind of progress sensation when reading e-books. That would be neat.


Maximum said...

Kalau ane om dengan membaca E-book udah dapat sensasi om dibandingkan membaca langsung seperti koran atau buku.. ya mungkin karena senang liat layar kali ya... hehehehe.. :)

sutikno said...

membaca e-book simpel dan menghemat ruang

yadi said...

ikut nyimak artikel nya om, mantep thanks