Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nobody Wants to be an Engineer, anymore

I looked around in my neck of the wood. It seems that youngsters want to become artists, singers, and the like. Basically they want to be in the entertainment industries. Nobody seems to be interested in engineering anymore. That's scary.

Being an engineer, I love the idea of building stuff. Creating things. Building the world. Sometimes it is man againsts nature. It is not easy, but it is fun. Let me emphasize it again, it is not easy. Period.

There is an illusion that being popular is fun. In reality, it is not always. It's a grand illusion.

On the other hand, youngsters don't know what it's like being an engineer. Maybe we should write more about this. Tell stories. Heck, even make a great movie about it. No, not Inspector Gadget-kind of movie, but a cool movie. Any takers?

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