Sunday, June 03, 2012

Google+ too much

I was trying to upload photos through my Google+ but couldn't do it. I have a slow bandwidth and the g+ animation (and downloading of the photos) is just too much.

For example, if I want to upload a photo into an existing album (which already has 50 photos) then it would load and show those 50 photos before it let me upload into the album. My way of avoiding this is to use directly instead of using g+.

Animation is nice, but too much animation is boring and annoying. No need to do that. Keep it simple, will you Google.


Newspaper Article said...

google memang kemaruk...mau ngalahi facebook dia

Geo said...

G+ must be improved and provide more interesting features if wanna challenge with facebook or twitter.

kiriman darat said...

I juga boring.
Rupanya om google telah meninggalkan simple is beauty.

geneo said...

google still in front of with other, it has good engine browser and good service uploading file in blogger (mean to be blogger)..