Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Confusing Seesmic Ping

I use(d) seesmic to do my tweeting. It has a nice web interface, which I customized so that it uses different fonts and the like. I love it. But, now seesmic is pushing users to use its "seesmic ping".

There are things that I don't like. First of all, seesmic ping only allows you to post tweet. I don't know how to read tweets that I follow. For that I have to use another application / web site. Then, what's the purpose of using seemic ping?

Second, the plan that I choose is the free plan. It only gives 10 posts / day. What? Even for me, who on average only tweet 14 times a day, it is too low. Right now it even won't allow me to post, saying that I have exceeded the account limit even though I have not posted at all.

So I guess, now, I am looking for alternatives ...

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