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Unclear BlackBerry Ads

By accident I saw BlackBerry ads in Indonesia TV channels. I don't watch Indonesia TV channels that much, by the way. To me, these ads are way off the target.

First, there is this ads about socialites using genuine BBs. The focus is on the genuine BBs. First of all, I don't think Indonesians buy BBs because of wanting to be the same as elite or socialites. It (maybe) used to be like that, but it is not like that. BBs are not the hottest things. Second, trying to convice us of genuine? Come on. You know us better than that :)

Then, there's this ads about must using BB for accessing Facebook. Well, Facebook is still popular in Indonesia but many younger users are moving more towards twitter. (I've been saying this, but those decision makers at Facebook and RIM would not listen. Fine. It's their loss.) So, advertising more towards twitter as oppose to facebook is more logical.

What should be done?

Facebook was the only service to provide easy upload of photos, but now you can do that also in twitter. Lockerz is a popular service. There are others. (Google+ is not coming yet.) I'd say look into tying BlackBerry with Twitter (and these photo services). Perhaps buy Lockerz and integrate it with BlackBerry?

Indonesians still buy BlackBerry, but which Indonesians? I see that older Indonesians prefer BlackBarry for it's easiness. They don't have to install this and that to get newer features like the younger users do. Younger users don't affraid to install apps under Androids, for example, but not older people. Sell the stability and easy aspects of BlackBerry.

BBM is also still an important application, if not the most important. The only reason people are still hanging with BlackBerry is BBM. There are other solutions such as Whatsapp, but it is not happening yet. Then there is Line and now it is Kakaotalk. These challengers are still trying to take over BBM. BBM is still the winner. For now, at least. It would be interesting if BlackBerry (as the device) can integrate BBM with these new apps. It would make the domination even further.

Anyway ...

Comments said…
your article is nice, very happy to stay and read in here. thanks for sharing :)
wahh ane masih gak ngerti blackberry.. belum punya sih :(
BB is a new way in communication. people prefer simple way. and i think BB has the advantages.

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