Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have just read a job opening for RIM. The target market is Indonesia, but the job is in Singapore. I just don't understand this. Why don't the open the job in Indonesia?

I have mentioned this over and over again. You have to be in the place to smell the coffee. You can't be form far afar. (Why there's no Starbucks in Italy, eh?)

For example, go to BEC (in Bandung) or Roxy (in Jakarta) to see what's going on. If you don't know those two names, then you know diddly. My point exactly.


guruproduktif said...

Salam kenal mas dari palangka raya

Bachtiar said...

It's all about birocration sir. Indonesia is a lot of "strange" regulations in all areas. And also RIM maybe underestimate out HR, and maybe they think Singapore is better.

Memet Sandara said...

Hallo apa kabar indonesia salam kompak dari kota wisata Bali.