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New Gplus UI is wrong!

G+ has just changed the look and feel (again). And, again, I don't like it. Correction, I actually like the look and feel but it is slow to show. That's because our internet connection is not as fast as in the US.

People in Google seem to forget that there are places in this world with limitted bandwidth. In fact, many countries with huge number of internet users have slow internet connection. Indonesia is one of them.

In another post I mentioned that Twitter is gaining popularity ove Facebook in Indonesia. One of the reasons is that Twitter is lighter than Facebook. Most of users in Indonesia access social network through mobile phones (smartphones). The quality of 3G or CDMA connections varies between places. Even in big city, like Bandung where I live right now, there are places with bad signal quality. My home is one of them.

I opened my G+ page and it keeps on giving "loading" message. It's just too bloated. Trying to be fancy but ended up in the gutter. I will definitely won't be opening my g+ very often. I will open when I know that the network is fast enough.

(Another problem is integration with posting links from blogs. Try posting link from Wordpress, for example, in gplus stream. Not pretty. Also try posting link from a blogspot blog post. It's messy. Don't they test with things like this in Google?)

What I am saying here? Unless Google makes a lighter version, the popularity will look like this:

Twitter > Facebook > Gplus

You don't have to believe me. Just go down here and ask any ordinary person on the street. In the mean time, let me open my twitter.


opickaza said…
ada yah gerakan semacam ini baru tahu saya
Hadi said…
Gplus is too slower now >.<
wan wan said…
??? underground maksudnya ???
Blog dengah title Indonesia tapi isi English. Keren nih :)

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