Sunday, November 03, 2013

From BlackBerry to Oppo

Gone are the days of BlackBerry in Indonesia. It is replaced by ... Oppo!

When I go to stores or malls that sell cellphones, there used to be many counters with BlackBerry signs. Nowadays, the view is diffrent. It is Oppo sign. At first, I thought the trend is Samsung. But, it is Oppo. I didn't see it coming.

Oppo phones are Android phones. They have great features similar to those of Samsung's (and some say are better) but are less expensive. Price is still the dominant factor in Indonesia. Although, lifestyle still dominates the buying factor. In this case, Oppo did the right thing; great lifestyle and less expensive.

[I still miss my Samsung Galaxy S4 though. It was a loaner and had to go back to the owner. I really like it.]


vpshunt said...

hmm nice info..
but, i think ios is awsome gadget :)

Rahasia Cantik dan Ganteng Orang Asia said...


Sony Chan said...

I dont like the user intrrface of Oppo

Sony Chan said...

OPpo is nice

Pista Simamora said...

thanks for your information, but i think oppo more expensive than blackberry :D