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Black Campaign Againts Jokowi

Presidential election is coming here in Indonesia. One of the strongest candidates is Joko Widodo or Jokowi. Unfortunately, there are a lot of black campaign against him over the internet. Sadly, many people believe this misinformation.

Here is a list of some of them.

  • The SMK car. Jokowi was accused of using the popularity of car built by SMK students and now people are accusing that it is actually a Chinese made car.
    Here is the real story behind it. Yeah, I know about this since I was doing the IT-version of this (for SMK).
  • Jokowi was issued as the son of Oey Hong Liong. This is a bit funny, because Oey Hong Liong is a rich person and you can find his information to find that this is untrue. He's not that old compared to Jokowi. If this is true, he would have had Jokowi when he was 14-years old.
    (Need link for clarification)
  • Fake orbituary of Jokowi. It is sad that people are doing this. How do you feel if this is done to your father, son, or husband? Here is a clarification of someone who was accused of creating it (but she was not).
  • Jokowi was accused by some to be non-Muslim. His hajj was fake. And so on.
    Here is a picture showing Jokowi and Tantowi Yahya went to hajj. A scanned version of his marriage certificate was also shown to show that he is a Muslim. And here's also another article to show that he is a Muslim.
  • When visiting KH Maimoen Zubair (Mbah Mun of PPP), Jokowi was allowed to pray in his room. Then the black campaign news said that mbah Mun was forced to allow Jokowi to pray in his room.
    It was again a black campaign. Here's the clarification.
  • Jokowi supporter was accused of thretening Islam if he is elected. This issue was thrown by "@jasmevnew2014".
    The reality is that it is a fake account. Notice the word "new" in the account. The real Jokowi supporter account is "@jasmev2014". It is easy to ignore this fact. Note: jasmev = Jokowi Advanced Social Media Volunteers for 2014 Presidential Election
  • Video of Jokowi's interview was manipulated
  • ...
I am sure there will be more. (Will be documented here.) I just wish that people are more careful when they are reading things on the internet. Check and re-check. Go to credible sources.


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