Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Taxi in Bandung's Train Station

Just got back from Singapore. We flew from Singapore to Jakarta and went back to Bandung using train. The Argo Parahyangan train was okay. Lots of tourists were on the train.

Arrived in Bandung, we decided to take taxi to our home. It has been a while since I took taxi from this train station. I didn't know what to do. So, when we were just off the gate, we were swarmed by unofficial taxi drivers. I knew I shouldn't say something and just straight to metered taxi, which I remembered there were plenty of them on the street outside the train station. But, I responded. Boy, I was so wrong.

The taxi drivers offered me their service. I asked them how much. They asked where to and I said the area where we live. They offered Rp. 150,000,- (one hundred fifty thousands rupiah). I knew this is too much. I remembered taking taxi from Bandung airport to our home is just Rp. 70,000. So I told them that. They grunted and started to walk away, except for one guy. He relented that we should take his service. I knew that with metered taxi, it should be Rp 50,000. But, I decided to take this taxi anyway. Just to give it a try. So we paid Rp 70,000 (plus I added Rp. 10,000 just because I felt sorry for him).

So there you go. Next time, I would just keep quiet and look for metered taxi.

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