Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gemstone Is IN

If you want to know, gemstone currently is very popular in Indonesia. I repeat, VERY POPULAR. There, I shouted. At least, this is true in Bandung. Everywhere you see, there's gemstone. Even on the sidewalk, people just open their own gemstone "store" or "boot". ("Lapak", in Bahasa Indonesia.)

I believe, now the gift from Indonesia is "batu akik", the Indonesian's name for gemstone.

To be frankly, I have no idea why gemstone is this popular right now. I've seen people wearing rings with gemstone from as far as I can remember. But, those days, they were not this popular. What causes this popularity?


Anonymous said...

tees with gem theme is also trending right now :)
everyone try to take economy advantage with this new trend

joi said...

trimakasih infonya,,
sangat menarik dan bermanfaat,,

IndoHound said...

I think numismatic items such as coins and paper money should also be popular - especially precious metals.

They are small, easy to hide and have value across borders.

Most people do not know what they are worth so it is easy to profess ignorance and underdeclare their value for transport and safety purposes.

This especially applies in jurisdictions with unsafe currencies and let us say it less than tolerable security policies...