Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Go-Jek is the Indonesian Uber

Want to know something hot in the Indonesia's start-up domain? It's Go-Jek. It's the Uber of Indonesia.

What is Go-Jek? It's an application to search for "ojek". Ojek is a motorcycle transportation for public done by individuals. Or a motorcycle taxi. It's an Indonesian - or, I should say, Asian - thing.

Many places in Indonesia are easier reached by motorcycle; streets are narrow. Motorcycles are much cheaper compared to cars. Everybody owns motorcycle here. And, if there are traffic jams, ojek is your best friend. It can get you there faster.

Ojek is not regulated in Indonesia. Everybody can become an ojek operator (driver), while if you run a business using cars you have to get a license. It's a grey area. In any case, if think Uber can be illegal in Indonesia. Ojek is perfectly legal.

You can also transport goods using ojek. It's a threat to courier business.

By the way, this is yet another reason why you should be in Indonesia. The start up ecosystem is flourishing.

5 comments: said...

go ojek memang keren banget..gan, ada standarisasi pelayanan ojek. juga jadi lebih nyaman

Budi Rahardjo said...

And now Uber is a (i)legal case in Indonesia

Putri said...

gojek emang sedang menjadi buah bibir di indonesia, ide jenius slusi kemaccetan dan kepadatan jadwal

IndoHound said...

Some ojek drivers with brains should organize within a Go-jek structure in each major Indonesian town and city.

I live in Yogya and would love to see more Ojek (or Go-Jek) but the ones that I find often demand the same or higher fares than official taxis for the same distance.

Maybe the fact that i am obviously a non-Indonesian makes these people thing I am ignorant and don't know the correct price. Once I am in a taxi, however, it is obvious that I know where to go and EXACTLY how to get there so attempt at extortion is even thought about.

cafe said...

sejak ada gojek, mau kemanapun jadi lebih mudah