Sunday, December 06, 2015

Forcing Self With Technology

Technology does help me to be more healthy. At least that's what I believe.

For the last month, I've been wearing Mi (Fitness) Band. It's a bracelet that keeps track you movement. It records the number of steps you have done at a particular time of the day. It can also record the number of hours you are sleeping. But, I am mainly focus on the number of steps (and the associated kilo meters I have walked).

I can synchronize the data with my iPhone. Here's an example of the result.

I can set a goal in terms of the number of steps per day. I set it at 8000 steps. Usually, I couldn't make it. Ha ha ha. I usually go from my car to my office, which is probably only 500 meters from the parking spot. That's not enough to achieve 8000 steps. Sometimes, I purposely park my car further so I have to force myself to walk more.

I also use Nike+ to track myself when I walk. But, Nike+ requires GPS and that sucks my battery really fast. So, I use Nike+ when I know that I can charge my cellphone right away after walking.

Stay healthy. Technology does bring good things to humanity.

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inayah said...

i also use nike+, it's not only fun for me but also can influence my friends or my followers on socmed to run. nowadays, healthy lifestyle can syncronize with technology...