Friday, January 01, 2016

Being Different

Ever since I was a kid, I always knew that I am different. For example, my taste of music would be different with my peers. When my friends were into pop or even soft jazz, I was into progressive rock early on - like in my junior high school. I learned English when I was still in elementary school. I listened to music abroad through short wave radio. I was reading many things when my peers were doing other things. Further journeys in my life also make me different.

No, I was not a loner. I had and have many friends.

Since I know that I am different, I can appreciate people who are different. So many of my friends are outcast. I am befriend with people who are weird and have no friends. I can appreciate their weirdness. I tend not to criticize others and at the same time I don't want to be like others.

This has consequences. I tend to be anti-mainstream. When most people do one thing, I do other things. When people write to get popularity, I write for myself.

Being different has advantages. The good thing is that people can identify me faster. Stand out in the crowd. But, the bad thing is that I cannot hide. And for me sometimes a problem - being anti-mainstream, since I want to be hidden. That's life. You'll deal with it.

This post is an example of my anti-mainstream. While people are talking about new year's related topics - after all, today is January 1st - I am writing about this. ha ha ha.

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Innnayah said...

too serious Pak for new year posting hueheheheh