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Sick! Read! Listen!

For the past few days I was ill (actually, am still). Coughing and a little fever. I was gonna update the Indonesian Web Site with a story of my trip to Bali. But, I just could not do it. I felt so tired. My blood pressure went down (too low). So, folks, you just have to wait for my story.

Meanwhile I had a chance to read conventional magazines, (IEEE) journals and books. Quite interesting stories they have. Sometimes they have URL or links to web sites. I wanted to visit them all. But they just have to wait.

I also used this opportunity to play my tapes and CDs. And even watch movies. Anyway, it was really a break. Apparently some songs can't be digested in one listening. After listening to the songs a few time, they are quite addicted. Most classic rock songs are of this type. This time I listened to the Flower Kings quite a lot.

Now, I am still not fit. But, I have to wait. Three presentations are waiting in line. Infact, they are all happening tomorrow. I delegated one of them, but I still have to do two of the presentations which are going to be held in Jakarta. I am still weak, but I made comittment.

So there you go, news from my neck of the wood.


Anonymous said…
I do believe music could heal illness. Banyak2 dengar music biar fit terus :p
Anonymous said…
I do believe music could heal illness. Banyak2 dengar music biar fit terus :p

mpokb said…
Drink lots of water and take lots of nap :)

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