Friday, May 20, 2005


I got this audio CD. The cover says it's Lee Ritenour "Alive in L.A.". Great. But, when I put the CD in my computer, Media Player says that it's "Kilauea featuring Daniel Ho: Diamond Collection". Which one is right?

The first song acording to Media player is "She Wore Diamonds", but according to the cover is "A Little Bumpin'." It's a jazzy song with accoustic guitar. So, I still think that Media Player is wrong. But listening to the rest of the songs, I am more convinced that this is Kilauea. The number of tracks matches Media player description. Either way, this is a great CD. I really like track 3, "Malibu Wave" (hopefully it is the right title). If I were to write more songs, this is the type of song I would write. (Unfortunately, I don't have the time and equipment to compose.)

I think I want to know more about Kilauea. Time to check the Internet.


ronny said... entry, including track listing.

I think the CD database (cddb?) is not correct, or the cd ID hash collided.. hehehe.

Belutz said...

Yup, the Malibu Wave by Kilauea is a great song :)

nugi said...

saya punya beberapa lagu Kilauea, Pak.. kalau berminat :)

Anonymous said...

Enak sih, beatnya mirip punya Chandra darusman.. Tapi saya lebih suka "Exotic Island"

Rully said...

Masih bingung. Yang main gitar di lagu Malibu Wave, siapa ya? Daniel Ho, Russ Freeman atau Jimmy Mahlis? :D