Sunday, August 27, 2006

On creativity or lack of

I want to do so many thing, write books, articles, songs, (computer) code, and what not. But, to do these creative things I have to spend time and thoughts. Unfortunately, I have to many things to do. At least, in the back of my mind I have things to do - like writing reports, minutes of meeting, and the like. These mundane tasks are haunting me, swapping the focus of my mind in any give them.

Swapping takes an effort. You may notice that sometimes your computer takes longer to switch between applications (and your harddisk is spinning like crazy that you can even hear it). Some says that the time to swap (between tasks) may take longer than if you finish one of the tasks and move on (to the next one). Rather than piling all the tasks and do them little by little, I should do one by one. But, I just can't. I am one of those people who has to do multi tasking. (Maybe I am hyper-multi-tasking?)

A week ago I was watching a TV programme on "how to become a champion." There was a professor (from Australian?) who said that one of the characteristics of a champion is the ability to multi-task. Whoa! Hey, I got an approval from a Neuro-(something) professor. To be frankly, I am just trying to justify why I do this. Maybe I am just a lazy person who piles everything and does things at the very end of deadline. No, I am just a busy person. A person who wants to do everything ... Am I wrong trying to become myself?

I've got to get back to my work. There goes my creativity...


terbanglah lebih tinggi said...

Maybe you're what they called a scanner

Oskar Syahbana said...

About that Aussie professor... does he mean that in order to be a champion you have to be a women?

No offense but some research indicates that women multi-task better than men (you can also say that multi-tasking is native to women while men have some kinks to finish in order to multi-task).

How about focus? Champions are usually a heavily focused people. Say Warren Buffet. He can do everything that he wants but still he chooses to trade on stock market.

budi said...

No, the Aussie professor did not say that you have to be a woman. I think I watched him elsewhere before (I think it was about children, in a BBC programme).

To be frankly, I've seen the best people are ... multitaskers! I know a very close friend of mine who is busier than myself. (And I thought that I am the busiest person in the world. I was definitely wrong.)

Madame Meltje said...

Take a deep breath. Don't freak out.
It's perfectly normal. I feel you, I feel you.
Just like I wrote in the posting,
Scanner it is.