Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pushing myself to the limit, and enjoying every bit of it

Okay, I have to appologize to all readers. I've been neglecting this blog. It's just ... I am pushing myself to the limit. Here is a list of what I've been doing so far:
  • Teaching: This term I am going to teach two courses (I was assigned four courses! You got that right, four!). They are "Engineering Concepts" and "Security." I dropped "Introduction to Programming" course.
  • Consulting: From now to the end of this year I am involved with four projects. That should be enough. More projects are still coming though. I have to refuse them. The temptation to accept the projects is so great.
  • Running business: Our companies are growing. You've got growing up problems. I also want to put character into our companies. I've been reading books like "Good to Great."
  • Starting up: Again??? Yes, folks. For some reasons this year I am starting companies again. Last month I started a digital music company. This month (or more likely the end of this year) there will be another one. It's already running, but formally it is not done yet. (One more is still in the queue, but this one would be abroad! Hah! Starting up in Singapore?)
  • Enjoying life: What do you expect? This is our goal, isn't it? Enjoying life with families and friends. Playing sport, futsal (mini soccer game), or playing music, or learn more about religion. Ah, what a beautiful life.
Of course there are more things, like writing (books). I've been planning to write books again. This year I want to get things started. I just have to find time... I hope I don't get sick because of all this work. I do enjoy doing them, though. They're fun. Wish me luck.

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