Sunday, November 18, 2007

Learning Other Culture

One of the things I like about Discovery Channel (and their "friends") is that I can learn other culture. Like this morning. I watched a story about South Africa. I am trying to understand their struggle (as a nation) and how their future is going to be.

Looking at their limitation and how they are trying to progress gives us hope here in Indonesia. Our resources are much better then them, but how come we (Indonesia) are not thinking ahead. Many people think about themselves. I am not talking about them as individuals, but also as families. Not many people think about the future of the nation!

I am sure there are people like that, but they are just powerless or they are swampped with their daily lives. (Maybe I should say "we", instead of "them" since I am part of them myself.) We forgot to think what our nation will be in 10 or 100 years ahead.

Film or story like the one I've just watched is needed to renew our interest in building our nation. Are you with me? (Or ... this is just an impulse response after watching moving story? Maybe tomorrow I will forget what I am saying to day. Never mind ...)

We have to learn other culture to make us better. Let's move forward!


Dede Somantri said...

Yes I will learn about English.

Jay said...

You were right, Pak Budi. But it was often times we got nothing to do, because of something called "bureaucracy", while the government or (many of) the powered-by-policies people are thinking only for themselves. Some of them were corrupting "our money", while we were doing something hardly.

That's our country. It's hard to move forward as the time the superior peoples have not changed a bit yet.

But... Let's do our best to move forward, anyway :)

Anonymous said...

that's right brother!

mathematicse said...

Although you will forget what you think today, I think it does not matter. It means you are care.. :D