Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BFS Generation

There are two ways to explore the wealth of information; "Breadth First Search (BFS)" or "Depth First Search (DFS)." In BFS, if you find a new branch of information, you jump into it. In DFS, you dig down deeper before you branch out.

It seems that older generations tend to explore knowledge in DFS fashion. They concentrate in a subject and explore that particular subject deeper and deeper. They become experts in their particular fields.

Younger generations tend to explore things in a horizontal manner or BFS. They explore things in parallel and have no patience to explore deep. They like to open (too) many windows while browsing, jumping from one window to another in an BFS fashion. They become generalists, with a breadth of knowlegde.

Are you a DFS or BFS generation?

By the way, notice how your "tab" in your browser opening up. Is it BFS or DFS?

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Ronny said...

Definitely BFS.

iffata said...

(self-assessment result) I have the tendency to DFS :| But I'm not too sure either.

Is that something I shall change / worry about, Sir?

budi said...

No, you don't have to worry about anything. It's just a matter of preference. (I think.)