Monday, July 28, 2008

Do I have to read them all?

Here's the deal. I have sooo many reports that I have to read. I am still reading them.

Last Friday, a book arrived at my office. It was a textbook for a course that I have to teach next term (which is starting in about a month). I have to read this 600-pages textbook in one month. Not only that I have to read it, I have to understand it. Heck, I am teaching the course. Can you imagine if I don't understand what I am saying?

And as if that's not enough, a few minutes ago I arrived home from a late meeting. Lo and behold, three thick reports were in my doorstep. I think I was asked to give comments to the report in a week. Ha!

What next? Don't tell me that there's another book/report that I have to read ASAP! Aaarrrggghhh


chikaradirghsa said...

would you please read and comment my presentation slides for the quals? and also the proposal? and the coding? :D :D :D

budi said...

presentation slides: ok
research proposal: ok
coding: maybe no :)

gum said...

can't u just "mark them all as read"?

Eddith Nirwana said...

waw, you did doing a great thing, reading those pages seems to be an exhausting activity for me,
by the way, i'm a newbie on blogging, hope we'll gettin' closer

Sii Eby said...

kunJUngaN peRtama... :)

Sii Eby said...

kunJUngaN peRtama... :)