Monday, August 18, 2008

The Day After (17 August 2008)

As usual, I went jogging this morning. But this morning was different.

Today was quiet. The universe was quiet. ha ha ha. I guess that's because yesterday - 17 August 2008 - was our Independence Day. Everybody was so busy yesterday with their events and competitions that they were tired and perhaps were still sleeping.

I took some pictures on my way. Here they are ...

My jogging track. Look how quiet it is and how the beautiful the background is. Yeah, I live in a nice place. I can see the mountain and there are still green trees. I hope it's still the same.

Indonesian flag waving in front of an empty school. Ah, how lonely it must have been.

a house with independence theme... good stuff.

I went home charged by the quiet environment. Ahh...

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