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Preparing a new class

It's that time of the year. School is on! Tomorrow I am going to teach a new course; an Introduction to Information Technology. I am excited ... but ... here's the story.

I've just got the information about the class not long ago. The formal information that I am teaching the class was delivered a couple weeks ago. Now, I am struggling to digest the textbook which I've just got a couple weeks ago.

I've been working hard on this course for the last two days. Well, I actually looked at this a couple weeks ago but I didn't dig deeper. Today I spent the whole day (and night - in fact, I am still going to) working on the course.

[Students, look what I have to go through to prepare a good class. I hope you'll enjoy the class.]

This afternoon I went to Starbucks at BIP and read (almost) one chapter from the book. I got the gist of the content, but I still have to prepare the lecture.

After I got home, I head straight to my computer and did some internet search. The textbook comes with an internet resource site. I went to the site, went through the directories, and downloaded some files. They've got power point presentations for the book, but to be honest they weren't that good. (For example, they don't use template.) I think I have to roll my own presentation material. But, time is what I don't have right now. Ouch...

It's 2 hours from midnight. I need some sleep. I guess I have to do away with whatever I've got right now. I'll prepare my second lecture better!

See you in class tomorrow.


pulsa tronik said…
artikel yang bagus mas, cuman sayangnya aku ndk begitu bisa bahasa english, kira2 maksudnya apa ya mas :-)
adit said…
well, in your case, which is preparing new material for lecturing, it's not so hard to find on internet right? And i guess composing your own slides will be much helpful for student rather than using other's. if there is someone who knows better about your student exists in this planet, that person is you.
kawel said…
nice article..

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