Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The beauty of not knowing

I think the internet is wonderful. Last night I listened to some (old) songs while browsing the internet for the lyrics of those songs. I knew the melody of those songs by heart, but never knew the exact lyrics.

Hey, in those pre-(internet)-historic days, you could only get what's available around you. Most of the songs I knew I listened to the radio or from cassette tapes. Lyrics were limitted. You just have to listen to the songs and try to get and interpret it yourselves. And sometimes, what you think the song is all about is all wrong :D and I think that's the beauty of it.

Like a few moments ago, I read the lyrics (and meaning) of a song I am listening right now. It's so waaayyy off. ha ha ha. I like my version better. I'd like to keep it (the interpretation) that way.

Not knowing is so beautiful.

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cryptocodecg said...

ah ya. i experience this often. some things are better left encrypted, like i've always said :))